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How to Find Your Ring Size

Printable Ring Size


Printable Ring Size

1.Measuring Your Finger

Measuring Your Finger

Ring size wrap the flexible measuring tape around your finger. Wrap the tape near the knuckle. This is the thickest piece of your finger, and your ring should slide over it easily. All things considered, going up against and off your ring shouldn’t be excruciating! Pick a fabric or plastic measuring tape for a more exact estimation. You can attempt a metal measuring tape, however, it’ll be a ton harder to wrap around your finger, and could cause damage.


Wrap flexible measuring tape around your finger

2.Record the measurement where the tape overlaps.Do this on a different bit of paper with a pen or pencil. You can record the estimation in inches or millimeters, contingent upon the retailer. Many will have the two estimations accessible, yet a European retailer may just have estimations in millimeters.

Record the measurement where the tape overlaps.

3.Compare the measurement to a sizing chart. Since you have the numbers, it’s an ideal opportunity to locate your size. You can discover these diagrams at numerous online adornments retailers. In the event that you need, you can print the outline for simple reference, yet it isn’t essential. These graphs change overestimations into ring sizes; for example, 2.34″ (59.5mm) would be a size 9.

Method 2 Using a Circular Sizing Chart

Using a Circular Sizing Chart

1. Find and print a ring sizing chart. 

Numerous online adornments retailers offer printable graphs that demonstrate various circles of various sizes. For far and away superior precision, take a gander at an estimating outline from your own retailer. That way, you’ll know the measuring on the outline will coordinate the estimating of their items.

 Find and print a ring sizing chart

2.Find a ring you own that fits the finger you’re trying to size. Pick an extraordinary fitting ring—one that fits cozily, yet isn’t too tight. Once more, ensure the ring fits the right finger; even your two ring fingers can be distinctive sizes!

Find a ring you own that fits the finger you’re trying to size.

3. Place your ring over the circles on the chart. The circle should coordinate within the ring for the ideal fit. If you’re stuck between two close sizes, go for the bigger size

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